Online Research Service

Unlike other services that simply use one source of data and old websites, AlumniSync uses proprietary technical advances and a big data approach to collect and return locator data from a variety of information providers. By connecting data points from multiple sources, we have increased accuracy at the same time lowering the cost. Our robust data set includes current and past address, relatives, email, phones, home value, LinkedIn and we deliver a fast and user friendly interface.

Data exports into XLS format for easy upload. Reports include up to the minute usage by seat. Track cost with monthly and quarterly reports. Flexible billing options are available for any budget.

Locator Service

AlumniSync knows accurate contact information is the foundation for your outreach and development programs. That’s why our locator service is the most accurate and cost effective solution available. Other services simply buy and resell contact information, AlumniSync uses proprietary technology and advanced algorithms to collect and analyze true locator data from multiple proven information providers. Using multiple high quality sources increases match rates and accuracy, and our processing technology speeds data delivery to our clients. AlumniSync Locator Service will save you time, save you money and deliver the accurate information you need to reach your goals.

Employment Data

Development officers and fundraisers rely on an accurate business profiles to build productive relationships and make more informed solicitations.  The AlumniSync Precision Employment solution allows you to keep up with all the career changes of your alumni, donors and friends- right down to job title and business contact information. Our solution leverages traditional State, Federal and Professional Certification data. We utilize trusted, innovative web sources to deliver the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date business information for your alumni, friends and donors.

  • Employer/Company name
  • Job title
  • Employer address
  • Employer city
  • Employer state
  • Employer zip
  • Business phone
  • Person’s LinkedIn URL LinkRegion, Industry and Job duration

Phone Append

Whether it’s for a phone-a-thon, targeted outreach or for relationship building, being able to reach your alumni and donors over the phone is essential.  AlumniSync has invested in the largest combined database of telephony providers. Leveraging old address, birthdates and even maiden names allows us to deliver more accurate results than typical phone providers. This combination of breadth of data and proven matching criteria delivers the best chances of making contact with your prospects over the phone.

Mobile Append

Our cell phone solution is unique in that it provides verification of numbers within the last 48 hours of processing. Our unique ability to deliver only “new” mobile phone numbers without charging for good numbers you already have on file, makes our solution the most cost effective in the industry. Having tested over a dozen firms, we know that we provide the highest quality data and greatest number of match rates available at the lowest cost.

Home Value

AlumniSync’s Home Value append locates the most current and accurate real estate values. Our service is address-based, so we can find properties held in trusts, spouse’s name, other family members, etc.,—matches that other vendors tracking wealth would miss. Our Home Value service is a quick and inexpensive way to segment your most promising prospects by providing a broader picture of your constituent’s true assets and wealth, at the fraction of a full wealth screening.


National Change of Address modifications are required on a quarterly basis. AlumniSync offers a standardized 48-month NCOA service for our clients. For a deeper clean of your data, our PCOA service has 30 years of historical addresses which triples the number of new movers identified with a standard NCOA. The PCOA also updates last name changes and returns a deceased flag.

Email Append

Email is now the most cost effective channel to connect with alumni, friends and donors. AlumniSync can send your opt out message on behalf of the university, or we can simply return your appended file. We test new email addresses at the server level and remove bounces before your file is returned. AlumniSync’s email solution is the best way to make sure your constituents actually get your message.

Custom Products

Our big data approach allows AlumniSync to offer many unique solutions other providers cannot deliver. Reverse appends, finding addresses with only an email address or a cell phone number, adding state political district data to records or overlaying demographic data are just a few of the custom services we have delivered our clients.

AlumniSync always welcomes and encourages head-to-head data testing with any other vendors.


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